4 comments on “2018 – November 30th

  1. Well, at least they didn’t bring Yu-ki with them, or did they? Only tomorrow will tell whether this takes a really dark turn.

  2. You can tell it’s the last day of NaNo because I actually clicked the link instead of just reading the comic on Twitter.
    And because I’m commenting.
    I should be writing.
    Actually, I should be working, but I’m not ready to read my work emails, so I’m going to write for a few minutes first.
    I have 6,000 words left. After two days with word counts over 10,000, I can’t give up. I really like the shape my word-count graph is making, and it needs to reach 50,000 for the full effect. My self talk is a lot like Mel’s. I am Lex, the Mighty (slightly delusional) Quill!

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