2018 – November 21st

Sorry about the mess up with dates yesterday!
And the project I was working on is done! Huzzah! Maybe I can now get to replying to comments! Or better yet, I can create the visual aid to help describe what is happening up there in Tala’s comics…

3 comments on “2018 – November 21st

  1. I keep trying to figure out where the whole Rob thing comes from. On December 1, 2011 is the only time it seems like they are getting along. 2012 we are in Victoria’s new region, and in 2013 Rob is with Bea, so was there a 2012 Rob/Mel fling that happened that we are not aware of?

    1. It’s very subtle, but you’re right. In 2011, Rob had been trying to find a date that whole year. He did ask Mel if she was single and she looked nervous and said no. However, on December 1st, Rob asked Mel if she was free and she said yes. Even though Mel may have wanted an interview, Rob asked her out on a date.
      But then, that was December and no more comics happened. So there is a whole year of ‘who knows what happened”. ^_^ Was there a fling? Was there not? How does Tala know about it? So many questions.

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