2016 – November 6th

Yesterday’s comic went up late and I was suffering from the shake I had so I didn’t get a chance to put the poll up, but I have a poll I can put up now! Huzzah! Did I get them all? Probably not. For cases where I didn’t put, just choose the “random” one.
[polldaddy poll=9571899]

2 comments on “2016 – November 6th

  1. The story of how I discovered NaNToons: Two dear friends of mine are NaNo veterans. In late December 2010, I decided to take a look at the website to glean what info on it I could. There was the link to NaNoToons! So I clicked. Only a few comics were available, but I found them very amusing. So when I joined the 50k challenge the following November, I read the Toons religiously and have ever since!

  2. Lol, that reminded me of the time when I sent my sister a message on how I think I’m hearing people in the ceiling and I’m worried that they’re criminals or something. Because I was home alone and well, if anything happened, I’d like someone to have a record of things.
    Her reply was that she expected to see me dead when she comes back and she and dad would be hunting for the man to avenge my death, barely making out of his evil lair alive.
    Yeah, very comforting….

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