2016 – November 4th

I was going to make another poll! But then I realized unlike facebook, you guys can’t add to the poll, and I’m pretty sure I would not think of options.
So, I will do a poll first, but I will ask you guys to help me come up with answers!
How did you hear about NaNoToons? There are the common ways, like the NaNo forums, or a friend, but there could be other ways I don’t even know. 😀

11 comments on “2016 – November 4th

  1. I believe I was searching for Nano stuff on YouTube and found you so then I search you and found the comic. or I was searching online for Nano stuff and found this which lead me to your YouTube stuff…. you are asking a lot. For some of us, it has been enough years that the memory can’t find that file.

  2. I don’t quite remember how, but I think I discovered it on the NaNo main site. Maybe they had on their site, but I don’t quite know.

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