2016 – October 26th

The NaNoToons normally go out at 8am EST. It’s an hour late, sorry.
Although, I don’t know anyone who checks it directly at 8am.
I was chatting with Kari and we were talking about the hobby of reading webcomics. It makes total sense this is a thing, but I never really thought about it before. Even though I make webcomics, I don’t read a lot of them.
What about you? I have a poll! Huzzah! And also, if you do read webcomics, do you have favourites?
[polldaddy poll=9562328]

11 comments on “2016 – October 26th

  1. How many webcomics do I read in a day? Well, that’s a bit tricky to answer, since relatively few update every day. Some of the ones I read are on a weekly or even less regular schedule. I have about 25 in my bookmark folder that I check every day, of which I think about three update every day, three are 5 or six times a week, five are three times a week and the rest are weekly or irregular. But then on top of that I’m usually archive binging two or three to catch up… Can I just say lots?

  2. I haz a dum… I didn’t realize the picture you posted was the poll… O_o… anyway, yeah, I USED TO read about 10-15 webcomics on a daily basis, but then I realized what a time-suck that was becoming so I stopped. Now I check in every October with Nanotoons to get me in the mood for Nano. So… thanks!!!
    P.S. How is you knitting coming along? 🙂 ~Lithara on Ravelry.

  3. I know this comment is two years later, but… I have an idea for you! I was scrolling through the backlogs of NaNotoons that I had missed due to… college… and realized there is a platform you could possibly promote this on! Webtoons is a mobile app (here in the states, maybe in Canada) where people put up their webcomics! Might be a platform for you to put up all of your old work and to update every NaNo! it would keep it all in order and you could update as frequently as you would like until you are caught up to your present comics! Just a thoguht! 😀

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