2016 – October 18th

If you have noticed, I added Kari’s banner to the side panel for her webcomic. All those banners aren’t ads, btw. I just get involved in a lot of silly projects.

4 comments on “2016 – October 18th

  1. Yay, more nanowrimo! Also, and sorry if this is a weird way to tell you, but this site appears to not be accessible through normal means on firefox or chrome, at least for me. I had to go into About:Config on Firefox to change something to get in here

      1. So here’s the error’s text on chrome:
        “This site can’t provide a secure connection
        nanotoons.net sent an invalid response.
        Try running Windows Network Diagnostics.
        I’ve been googling it and apparently it’s something that has to be fixed on your end. I think? It’s what I can make out from the results. I’m just worried it might be blocking more people than just me. πŸ™

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