2016 – October 16th

Allo, Wrimos!
And welcome to the first comic of NaNoToons 2016!
You must forgive me, I am running into a few problems with the nanotoons domain name. I tried to remap it, but the button to purchase will not work. Yay technology. 😀
Anyway, once again, as I mentioned in the previous post, I have Kari Maaren editing these webcomics. She is an author, has a webcomic, and writes geeky songs as well!
Oh! And I have a question for you folks!
How do you read the comic? Do you read it off the website? Facebook? Twitter? Some other social media site?
Thanks for answering! ^_^

27 comments on “2016 – October 16th

  1. Usually I see it on Facebook. If I realize I haven’t seen it in a couple of days, I’ll go find the website. I actually hate Twitter. I know, I need to learn Twitter better. It just seems so frantic!

  2. I read it from the website (and occasionally facebook). Usually from my phone on the way to work or school. It really motivates me to write in my small bits of downtime. PLEASE DO ANOTHER VLOG!

  3. I read it from the website… it’s part of my NaNo waking up ritual. 1. coffee, 2. email, 3. NaNoToons, 4. more coffee…

  4. Usually facebook or twitter reminds me to check the website, but I almost always read it here. Also, shouldn’t the title be ‘October 16th’, not ‘November 1st’?

  5. Thanks for the reminder on facebook – I don’t read it ther but I know that it’s time to put Nanotoons back in my ‘Daily Webcomics’ folder.

  6. I usually read the comic through the website, since I’ve subscribed to get email notifications. But I also usually see the comics on facebook and twitter, which is usually how I forward them along to friends.

  7. Kicking off NaNoSeason right! It doesn’t really feel like 2 weeks to NaNo yet, but this helps.
    I read on this site, but I usually come here via Facebook.

  8. Normally I read off the website – I have it bookmarked, and that bookmark goes into my “things to check daily” folder during this time. But this year I’m not keeping up with that very well; I saw the notice of this on Twitter (@inkyelbows), and followed the link. I didn’t realize you posted it on Twitter – I’ll follow you for that! Twitter is my primary social site (well, for seeing stuff. For talking to friends I’m on LibraryThing.com).

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