2015 – November 24th

Picking authors for this was hard. I was going to include a manga author as well, but I figured the ones I chose were already so esoteric most people wouldn’t get all of them. I probably could have made Neil Gaiman’s hair more poofy. 🙂
And huzzah! Facebook likes has surpassed 1100! It was at 1099 for such a long time. Not that I worry about likes, I just wanted round numbers. Of course it’s at 1101 but that’s ok.

7 comments on “2015 – November 24th

  1. Question: did the aforemention authors all contribute an encouragement piece to Nano? Because if that wasn’t the criteria, I would have suggested adding Sue Grafton, Peter David and Lawrence Block to the list.

  2. The only one I’m not familiar with is Bujold. LOL Le Guin used to do writing classes through Portland State University. My mom tried to get into one of her classes, but got Molly Gloss instead. Which was still cool, but not Le Guin.
    Also, I got 50k yesterday. Whoot!

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