8 comments on “2015 – November 19th

  1. Hey, look! I’m not the only one who talks to their body parts! …Okay, so the other person who does so is a fictional comic character… but still! …I should stop commenting and get caught up on my abysmal word count…

      1. Oh yeah, I talk to my body parts all the time. Mostly to my stomach. “Hush, stomach. Yes, I KNOW you’re hungry. I’ll feed you soon. I promise.” Or I will tell my nose to stop running. (Someone PLEASE tell my nose to stop running…) Or I will say, “Foot, why are you hurting?”
        None of my body parts have ever answered me. That’s probably a good thing.

        1. I talk to my body parts a lot. I like to think that we’re friends, me and my body parts, so we have to be nice to each other. I’ll be relatively chill when they act up, and they have to not act up as much as they may want to. 😉

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