2015 – November 16th

Do you write with anyone? When my kids were younger, I would go into their room and sit with them while they were falling asleep. I had my laptop. and I would write there while listening to whatever kids music they had playing at the time. I got a lot done.

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  1. I don’t do this, What I do, when my brother is struggling, is sit down and ask him about his story, so he’ll start talking through the part he’s stuck on. When he gets the next scene or so into his head and feels ready to write, I go away and leave him to it. But on the down side, I go distract him to talk out my story when I get stuck as well. This year, I started out working on one story, had a weird dream, and spent the last week plotting it out and writing a few scenes. I made my brother help me plan it out, which distracted him from his project, because he wanted to write mine instead. So now I have to not talk to him about it until he’s done writing.

  2. I write with my sister, who does nanowrimo with me basically every year. She had it rough last week… Lost a chapter. Poor gal. Since I’m in the process of moving I can’t delve in the writting experience as I would love to. But I live for these comics. Woo Errol.🙌

  3. I go to a lot of write-ins (this year, four of them!). And they are usually very productive for me. But I’m good writing by myself too. I hope this means Mel will get to 50k this year! Hooray for Tala!

  4. I rarely write with anyone, because I’m not around other writers much. Last year, my region had a lot of word wars over Skype chat, and we pushed each other on a lot, so that was nice. I talk to my husband if I’m really stuck with a part in a story. I explain to him the pertinent details and why I’m stuck. Sometimes he has some thoughts that help, but sometimes it’s all I need to talk it through out loud, and I can see the problem or solution myself.

  5. I love this one!
    I’m too far away from write ins to go to those. But one or two other people writing is perfect for me. I love my chat room for this reason; it’s very empty. Typically me and one or two other person. We’ve become close, and help each other work through problems.

    1. Yes, I usually have NaNo Chat Webcomics, but I don’t think I’ll do that this year. Mel is starting to get used to the new crowd and I didn’t want her defaulting to the old one. 😀

  6. Wow, this is so beautiful! It really melted my heart! Ahhhgggg my heart! I’m sure it means a lot to everyone, including me. Good job on the eloquence in portraying all our fears and putting them at ease, Errol! <3

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