2015 – October 27

Ok, I checked this, and this time I’m pretty darn sure all the names are correct! I’m so sorry about that!
And yesterday, I was at an Escape Room Unconference, so although I saw people tweet me it was wrong, there was nothing I could do about it! Bummer!
What’s an Escape Room Unconference? Well… uh… that’s hard to explain. 😀 But it was fun! ^_^ (Edit: Check out the link now. It’s an official post about it!)
Oh, and I wasn’t too sure if this thing updated FB. It does. Phew. Less updating for me!

6 comments on “2015 – October 27

  1. Sorry…I clearly wasn’t paying attention to the names when I skimmed over these. However, in this comic, you’ve still got Jen’s name at the top of the page.

  2. Maybe Rob’s actually telling the truth! Maybe the story arc this year will be solving the mystery of who was pretending to be him at her farewell party!

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