2014 – November 6

Nanotoons_2014_11_06Errol: Oh, did I say thank you for all the great comics you people have posted? I’ve read all of them and it is making me realize I should put a bigger effort into promoting these comics, because some of you try to find them!
Even though I am more of an extroverted one, I don’t really like constantly talking about these things I do. I did ask NaNoWriMo to blog about it, but even then I was thinking, “Nah, I don’t want to bother them.” So, if you are bored, by all means, remind people who like NaNoToons that it’s still going. ^_^

Anyway, thanks for all the great comments! And just in case you missed it, this year I am joined by Kari Maaren, who is also a geek musician with a webcomic. I’m awful at editing, as was made apparent by yesterday’s comic blog where I was operating on little sleep. However, Kari is amazing! If you ever want to read some crazy webcomics, you should check hers out too! ^_^

7 comments on “2014 – November 6

  1. While talking with some others from my region we introduced one of our other locals to both NaNoMusical and NaNoToons. Both are addictive and so very wonderful!

    1. I was still deciding whether or not to mention that, when I scrolled down and you had! While I feel a little bad giving her so much do procrastinate on today, how can you not share NaNoMusical and NaNoToons with people? I told a number of people about the musical yesterday. Most of them seem to have ignored me. I’ll just have to keep bringing it up.

  2. So, I’ve been trying to think back to how I first heard of NaNoToons, and finally I remembered! 😀 Last year the daily NaNoToon would show up on the NaNoWriMo.org dashboard. Eventually I followed the link to here, and now I follow via FB to make sure I never miss another toon. 🙂
    Could we get the daily toon put back on the site?

  3. *chuckle* It just wouldn’t be NaNo unless one of the guys put his foot squarely in his mouth, and got his butt kicked (I thought it would be Rob, though…)

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