10 comments on “2013 – November #25

  1. Only 41667 by the end of today… Yesterday was the 24th, and by the simple arithmetic of 5000 words every three days, that stacks up at 40k words, which I just about made…

  2. Poor Errol… you spend time drawing NaNoToons for us and now you have to struggle with your story.
    I’m left behind too. A bit of writer’s block, lazy block, procras block, etc… the usual 😛 I have about 11k and 5 days… I think I can do it if I could heat my blocks away.

  3. So, is “energy drink” a euphemism for something? Or do people actually get hopped up on those, and forget what they did? I don’t drink energy drinks, so I have no idea how much they can affect someone.
    Btw, your last few comics have said 2014. I can’t believe MP didn’t notice! (I always mention him when I catch mistakes…I hope he’s not offended.)

    1. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? HAVE I BEEN… oh for crying out loud… I BLAME NANO BRAIN!
      And… I dunno about energy drinks. It’s just something that happened for the last three years that now it’s tradition!

    2. You know what’s weird? I noticed that the last few comics said 2014 too, but for some reason, I didn’t think anything was wrong! Goes to show that when I read these at about one in the morning (after having stayed up writing), my brain has already gone to bed.

  4. Jen is the only person I know for whom energy drinks is like Alcohol for the rest of us.
    BTW…I’m betting that Victoria is FerretFox playing around with Dave.

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