2013 – November #23


Errol: I hope I can go tonight! At the Geeky Book Swap, my youngest daughter bid on some earrings at the silent auction. But she didn’t win it because my wife gave her a limit. Now, my youngest daughter doesn’t wear earrings, so I was wondering why she was so adamant on doing it. I learned later that she wanted to give it to my eldest daughter for Christmas because she was dying to have them.
So I am going tonight to pick up another pair of earrings, for the person who makes them will be there. I also hope to write today. We’ll see how THAT goes.

9 comments on “2013 – November #23

  1. Things Jen could have done: take the sonic screwdriver away from Rob, get up and walk to another area of wherever they are, SHOVE HIM ONTO THE FLOOR (guess which one gets my vote).
    Also, though I’ve never done a word war, I would think that if you’re doing one to help boost your word count because you’re behind, 5 minutes would not get you very far. I’ve never gone up against someone though, and Jen is very competitive, so who knows, maybe she could write a lot in 5 minutes with the right incentive.

    1. Well, it was originally 10, but I shortened it so that it would fit in the comic time span. *laugh*
      Also, the syntax for the word war bot is wrong too. I forgot to say that.

  2. Petition to get Rob in a fez!
    someone can give it to him as a reward for getting so much of his novel done, and we can see him in a fez as a reward for getting so much of our novels done!
    Or you could just stick it on him and have no one but the impressively partial audience notice.
    (I just love you forevers even more now–fellow Whovian hi-five!)

  3. Day of the Doctor + MLP:FiM Season 4 Premiere = GREATEST SATURDAY EVER!
    What would have made it even better would be if I was able to do NaNo, but I guess you can’t have everything. This November’s been feeling pretty long and sad without it.

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