2013 – November 21


Errol: Huzzah! I have some comics stored up for both this comic and my other one! That means I can write tonight! ^_^ But now I’m hungry for chips. Grrr… and there are no chips in the house. I think I shall go raid my children’s halloween candy.

26 comments on “2013 – November 21

    1. I was about to ask the same thing. The leftover candy from what I handed out this year disappeared after maybe 3 days.
      Not like I ate all the Twizzlers from said candy stash to aid along the process or anything…

  1. Spoken like I true mother when there’s no candy and you want some! And then we try to teach the kids the values we don’t up hold ourselves – such as ‘stealing is bad’ lol

  2. You’d think Dave would feel awkard taking part in all of these coversations… but he seems to enjoy being in the middle of everything this year. ^_^ He’s always there.

  3. I was trying to find a name for a celebrity superhero in my Nano this year, and found ‘Robert’ in behindthename. Apparently it means ‘winner’ and other such similar synonyms. 😀 He now shares a name with Rob. lol

  4. Is it sad that, with the accusation made that Rob is not writing as much as he says, my first instinct was to go to the NaNo website and look him up to check out his word count and chart?
    I went shopping last night and bought chips. I’ve never really been much for chips while writing. For me it is always something choclate-y or nothing. But this year, I seem to have been so inundated with the idea of chips that I had to get some.

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