2013 – November #3


Errol: Wow, sorry about yesterday! I thought I had scheduled the comic but it was still in draft mode! Oh well! And I have words written in my novel! Huzzah! ^_^ I am, however, getting low on how many comics are completed! Here’s hoping your Sunday is productive!

9 comments on “2013 – November #3

  1. I sat down at my computer this afternoon, remembering that there would be no D&E comic today, and a bit disappointed. Then I scrolled through my FB feed, and there was NaNoToons! I get at least one comic today, so yay!
    I bet we’ll find out halfway through the month that Rob has been done for a while. I bet he’s fooling everyone. He probably found his drive and motivation this year, and a muse (though hopefully not that Elmer one…ugh) and is speeding through his word count.

      1. He was like, the anti-muse! I’m pretty sure he made that poor girl hate writing for the rest of her life, and hide in a closet every November after that.

  2. Using NaNoToons as motivation for my noveling. thus far it was worked wonders, my internal cheering something along the following: You can’t quit now! Reach your goal! I don’t care if you can make it up later, do not lower your goal and keep typing! For Rob, and for Chips! *battle cries her way through typing*

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