2013 – October Prologue #1


Hello! And welcome to the first comic for NaNoWriMo 2013! It’s been a hectic week for me because my geek band released our EP ALSO today. Good grief. You’d think I wouldn’t schedule these things all at the same time. Oh well! Fortunately, I have Victoria helping me edit them, so at least the spelling and grammar should be correct!
I am crazy excited for Nano this year, and I’ve got most of October’s comics done. Now… to finish off November’s!

29 comments on “2013 – October Prologue #1

  1. Yay, Nanotoons are back! Now that I’ve prepared more, I sympathize with Jen, but am less panicked now. Now I can’t wait to see how this awesome novel I’ve planned in my head actually comes out!

    1. Huzzah for planning! I got my sister to write out an outline for me for a novel we did together. It was SO much easier with an outline! *LAUGH*
      Not… that I’m writing out an outline for this year’s novel… but oh well! ^_^

  2. Yay, NaNoToons! I thought it’d still be a few days before these came out, so I’m glad you said something. Now I really feel like we’re in the final days ’til NaNo, and I feel both excited and apprehensive. I presumptuously pre-ordered a winner’s shirt. I may regret that.
    Anyway, huzzah for NaNoToons, huzzah for EP release, and huzzah for NaNo Ambassadors!

  3. Yay! NaNoToons are back! I’ve missed these throughout the year. 🙂 There’s something missing in my life without these to look forward too. And this year I’ve actually done a tiny bit of planning, so maybe it will be less stressful!
    Eh, who am I kidding? NaNoWriMo will always be stressful. 🙂

  4. Yeah! NaNoToons are back! I love these so much. As for NaNo being stressful? Well, yes…but my mother assured me that giving birth was always a stressful exeperience… At least I’m “prepared” – NOT! ACK!!!!!

    In all seriousness, though. I’m excited for this year. I decided to do a sci-fi, negative utopia story this year to give me a break from fantasy. I love fantasy but I need to re-fuel so I can finish writing last year’s NaNo and maybe even edit it. (Yes it takes me a full year to recharge from month-long writing escapades.)

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