2012 – November #30

Errol: On Friday, I promised that I would go out with my family for the evening, and so I won’t even be around for the last day of Nanowrimo to hang with the locals, but I will go to the TGIO. I hope that Debbie Ohi has a plan for the last Nanotoon, I sure don’t. 😀

Debbie: Ha! Love this strip, Errol. We’ll come up with a plan for the last NaNoToon today! Or maybe one of our readers will come up with a good idea in the comments….

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  1. I wonder if I’m the only one who read this NaNoToon, and, when Fran said, “NaNoWriMo is totally AWESOME!” instinctively heard Rick’s voice in their head, saying that line.
    I am seriously sad that tomorrow is the last day. I couldn’t have kept the writing up much longer, but it’s still really hard to come back from the excitement and energy of NaNoWriMo. And now I no longer have an excuse for the unfolded laundry. Bummer.

  2. i don’t know if the totally awesome is supposed to be intentional or what?!
    last nanotoon = nothing but prince, a seal, and a small chinese pear

  3. I won I won I have 50,000 words and… nanowrimo is over! this is the last day for me! the only thing left is… EDITING!!! D:
    But still. The whole thing is exciting! … !! !!! !!! !! !!! !! !!! 😀

      1. Thanks! *high five back* You know, one of my characters is called Sabirna. Yes, with the letters switched around like that. I think of it whenever I see your username. Also, when I was younger and in school, I’d get called Sabrina sometimes because it rhymed with my name. Just random stuff. Possibly to do with the fact it’s 11pm.
        And congrats for winning! Well, basically winning! 600 words left – way to go! 😀

      2. I just finished! Hurray! Guess what? I actually DO have a character named Tarina in my story. What are the odds? 😀

  4. I have about six hundred words left, which will be a total cinch but I’m saving it until tomorrow (last day for me) just so I will have kept with it until the very end. *shrugs* I don’t know, that’s just a thing with me.
    Have fun with your family, Errol!

  5. I’m 877 words away! I can’t believe I’m going to win NaNoWriMo for the first time! Third time’s the charm, ya know!

  6. It’s the last day, I’m 16k behind, and my mom made me promise her that I wouldn’t delete the Word file that my novel is written in. I wasn’t too impressed with her, but I did promise, so the memory on my computer is going to hate me unless I can get my hands on a memory stick, preferably one shaped like a cow. -wink wink nudge nudge-

  7. Now that I’m done with NaNo, I feel so empty. Especially when I screamed “I won!” as soon as I reached 50,000 and my whole family is just. “Great. Now be quiet.” There’s no one I can brag to about it until school on Monday.
    Anyways, my 50,000th word was “corner.” What were yours?

  8. I didn’t win, but I hit the halfway mark (25K). Not bad for a thirteen year old first timer, right? Right? Well… Maybe. But that’s beside the point.

    1. Good Job, I am also thirteen, but I am a few thousand words from even the halfway mark. Well, I’m still writing, because my novel is awesome!!! I just can’t stop it until I finish.;)

  9. I’m going to add more to my story, but not right now. I’m taking a (in my opinion) well deserved novel break and I’m going to forget about it until sometime way down the road when I’ll remember that I’m supposed to be editing the thing.

  10. And now I can delete my NaNo novel. XD Deleting the files and copies = another habit I have. 🙂 I won with 54k this month. 5th time NaNo and the first thing I do is check for new NaNoToon and refuse to write until I see the newest NaNotoon. =) Maybe that’s why I’ve had many 0 wordcount days.

  11. ERROL: It is officially December. When is the last episode of NaNoMusical coming out? When is the December First comic coming out? Tell me!
    (I just won NaNoWriMo. I’m a little full of adrenaline.)

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