2012 – November #17

Errol: Starting is still doable! When I first heard about Nanowrimo, I was so pumped I didn’t care how late it was. It’s awesome! If you are hearing about it just now, do it!
Friday night we had our Halfway party and I’m excited because I haven’t had a time to socialize. It will be good to see some Wrimo’s! 😀

16 comments on “2012 – November #17

  1. Oh YES. Definitely plenty of time to write and catch up and everything. 🙂 I hit my 50k in the first week and now I”m just writing along with the story as I go. I’m encouraging my wrimos to keep at it—because NaNo is all about the fun. As long as you remember to have fun, it’ll be good.

  2. “I’m doomed” 😀
    yep that’s me, I’ll not hit 50k this month, I believe. I stopped at 35k a few days ago.
    I’m typing this with my toes. -_-

  3. I only started a week ago, I kept on dithering about whether I could do it or not then I just thought” screw it, I’ll give it a try and have some fun” 😀

  4. I’m one of those doomed NaNoers. Only at 10K. 🙁 Boo all projects assigned during November, yay for thanksgiving break! XD

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