2012 – November #13

Errol: How goes the novel? It’s almost half way! And by the way, I had every intention of responding to all your great comments. I did! But I didn’t think you guys would be so awesome and respond so much! I couldn’t keep up! I do hope to get to them! Maybe I’ll get Debbie Ohi to do that… 😀
Debbie: I’m back online! Or sort of online — speaking of board game socials, I’m at a board gaming convention in Texas. But I’m going to catch on NaNoToons and comments over the next couple of days…

19 comments on “2012 – November #13

  1. I have 35.6k words. I did 10k in two days and two days later, my wrists have not recovered. They HURT. 🙁 So I haven’t been doing much writing at all… even in the forums, because… ouch. I didn’t realise how many things hands are used for until I over-noveled them.
    The annoying thing is I have the desire, will, ideas and ability to write, only the prospect of physical pain makes writing unappealing.
    Oh anyways. Loving the comics as always. 😀 How goes everyone else’s novels?
    Must go now. *flexes wrists* Errol I cannot believe you did 50k in a day and your hands didn’t literally fall off….

    1. Holy cow, Tarina!! You’ve been so productive!!!! You be careful of those wrists. What I do when I’m doing an intensive writing session: set an alarm to remind me to take regular breaks from the keyboard.

    2. Huzzah! And yes, I know exactly what you mean about wrists. But I tried my best to make sure they were ergonomically sound… I did. 😀
      Congrats too! 😀

  2. I’m less than 2,500 words from “winning”. I’m actually working on a second piece because the first “novella” is pretty much done at 37,050. I just got the second past 10,000 today which is nice. Tomorrow I shall be victorious! ^.^

  3. Debbi: In texas, a board game tournament thingy in texas, And I don’t know about this?!
    I think they should just give up on Victoria, she doesn’t want any of them! Though, I think she should just give up on correcting her name, Though I feel her pain.

  4. I’m such a rebel, I read this a few hours ago in my English lesson, MWUAHAHAHAHAHA. Of course, I closed it in cowardly terror when my teacher looked round at me and I continued with my essay, but the point stands 😀
    PS I’m honestly in love with Fran right now
    PPS I have never heard of a board game cafe, I presume this is just a cafe where you play board games? America sounds weird. XD

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