6 comments on “2012 – November #10

  1. Hahahaha 😀
    What’s she going to do to him, try to murder him or something? lol
    I’ve been writing lots today and am nearly nearly at 28k. So happy. Thank you for these lovely comics every day – just a bit of light inspiration before I get back to it. I’ve written…. *checks*… 5000 words today. I know, nothing compared to Errol’s 50k marathon. But it’s my new record.
    Looking forward to the next comic 😀

  2. LMAO!
    This makes me giggle, and so distracts me and that is BAD mkay?
    No, seriously, that is bad. My word count is horrifically low…ML really does stand for majorly low when used in context with me.
    Then why am I puttering around here you ask….because my brain won’t function and I need some nanotoons and then I am going to go look up the nanomusical on youtube and watch both episodes! #hopeless #helpless #savemywordcount

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