2012 – November #7

Errol: Most of the socials mentioned are ones we’ve had in my region, but I don’t think we’ve had a sushi social. Mmmm… spicy salmon.
Oh! And here is the 2nd Episode of the NaNoMusical for you to watch! You can catch the first one here if you haven’t seen it yet!
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avarjEfRtSc]
Debbie: I LOVE the 2nd NaNoMusical episode, Errol. Β Dale’s NaNoEmoAngst song is SO deliciously sincere. And Dale and Jill are just SOOOO CUTE together! To all: If you need more NaNoComic distraction, you really should check out the daily comic on DebsandErrol.com (that’s Deb as in Deborah Linden, not me); Errol’s been writing about NaNoMusical recently.

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  1. I notice there seems to be a bit of color drift on Victoria’s hair between the last two comics… Is this because of the iPad used on the last strip?

      1. NaNo Novel is a little behind schedule because I’m trying for 75k this year, and I’m currently only at 13.6k- however, my plans to catch up are in place, and they’re as foolproof as they were ever going to be…

  2. Awesome as always: Favortie part: I blew my chance of you going to sushi nanosocial with me, did’t I… Hilarious. The musical was awesome. I am so going to try improve with my guitar, or piano. If it was possible I would do it with my claranet, but, I’m pretty sure tha would be a catastraphe. ^_^

  3. Haha, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Victoria! Mmm… sushi. We should have a sushi social Errol! πŸ˜€
    Also, 10 letters but 11 characters.

  4. Sushi = Nasty. These comics β‰  Sushi. Also, 5. That’s right, isn’t it? Or is it supposed to be … I don’t know. Instructions were confusing.

  5. Dale and Jill. I see something budding here… *____*
    found out about the mouseovers by mistake when i was scrolling. like, WHOA, DID SOMETHING JUST SAY SOMETHING ._.
    so, yeah. THIRTEEN.
    (people are going to think we’re rating the video/comic if they don’t find out soon enough what these numbers mean XD.)

  6. I love these so much! I make myself wait until I have written my 1667 words for the day until I can read it, which is why it is 7:30pm and I am only now reading it. (12)

  7. xkcd text! I know, I haven’t seen anyone else really do mouseover text… but just saw you guys do it here! haha so, 6
    Still loving the comics. I’ve been through most of the archives now. (All of them?) And, am I seriously ‘follow’ed by you guys? πŸ˜€

  8. Oh, my! I absolutely loved the Nanotoons last year. Thank you, AGAIN for doing them! I didn’t thank you via post last year, but I certainly thought warm, fuzzy feelings in appreciation! I am behind in my wordcount and was enjoying some pre-writing procrastination before beginning my weekend whirlwind of catch-up writing. My seven year old asked me to replay the second episode of Nanomusical again; I knew it was time to head out to a coffee shop. When I returned he asked the following two questions:
    “What’s your wordcount, Mom?” and after a brief congratulatory statement,
    “How is Dale doing on his wordcount? Did he get a lot written?”
    I had to explain that every community has its own write-ins and that Dale is not in our region.
    “Oh!” …and he completely lost interest in my writing. πŸ˜‰
    Happy NaNoWriMo to all!
    paz, Sonja aka Purple_Sassafras (16)

      1. Thanks, Errol! My little future Wrimo will get a thrill out of seeing himself in print here in the comment section. BTW, I had a difficult moment explaining the “want to mate with you” from the Nanomusical. Of course, in addition to his interest in Dale’s well-being in wordcount, the seven year old also picked up on the mating thing. Kids, gotta’ love ’em! Have a super Nano day! paz, PurpleSassafras

        1. *laugh* Sorry! Funny thing, my kids actually didn’t ask about it (I have an 8 and an 11 yo). I think they’re just used to ignoring things Daddy says. πŸ˜€

  9. You mean you’d eat me? D: #wrimosagainsttheeatingofsushi
    We had a sushi social this year, actually. Well, it was a sushi outing, and everyone who went was a Wrimo, but there was no writing involved (though we went to four write-ins that day beforehand). That counts, right?

  10. (6) Tim…. *facepalm*
    Also… in this musical, I think I saw a squirrel, or something in the tree behind them in one scene…. little black animal? Cute! Don’t think we have them in NZ. πŸ˜€ Anyone else noticed?

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