2012 – October Prologue #13

Errol: Tonight is my regions kick off party. It’s crazy, it’s fun, there are so many people that I never see again. 😀 When is your kick off party? How is it?
Debbie: I’m tempted to go to the kick off party but I have to work! Work or party…SUCH TOUGH DECISIONS!! (to Errol: and hey, how did you get your text to be blue?)

2 comments on “2012 – October Prologue #13

  1. i dont know when our kick off party is for us, but im super stoked for nanowrimo! this will be my 2nd year doing this and i cant wait! everyone at my school is thinking im loseing my marbles. this is going to be a great year, i can tell!

  2. I couldn’t go to my Kick off party and I even tried to switch, mostly because of Hurricane Sandy, but either way, glad to hear everyone had a good time, and glad VA didn’t get to bad of a hit, now off to typing! Rough start right now… hoping it will get better.

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